Our Story.


Since 2014, we have been working together with world artists and artisans passionate about honing their craft and making a larger impact in their community. In 2015, YACINE was established. Our objective is to create sustainable jobs for our YACINE partners by featuring their groundbreaking work. These are the YACINE By-the-World products. By understanding the history and traditions of each country we represent, a community of trust and friendship is established with our YACINE partners to feature products with an original story. 

In addition to our YACINE By-the-World products, there are exclusive YACINE Original products that are designed and made in-house. YACINE Original Products combine beauty, culture, and function. These qualities harmoniously work together to create a timeless product with age old traditional attributes. Each product is handmade to perfection with a high level of finesse.

We created YACINE to share the world's story with others. Our collaboration with world artists and artisans forms an interaction between creators and consumers through the use of cultural goods and organic decor. YACINE was created for you because we truly believe that you will carry on the world's story--as a citizen of humanity.

Cultural Goods. Organic Decor.

Beautiful Products

YACINE products are rooted in authenticity. They bring the values of what each YACINE Partner stands for to the forefront. Through our collaboration, our YACINE Partners have chosen distinct and remarkable products to meet our customer’s needs. These beautiful products are created by the citizens of the world. 

Style & Quality

YACINE Partners pour out their hearts and soul for our YACINE customers. However, style and quality may differ among products—even identical ones. These variances occur because of their handmade nature. These differences may appear through the precision of proportion and/or line work.

The design and aesthetics of each YACINE product vary from culture to culture and from region to region. Moreover, each product is different among every artist from culture to culture and region to region because of the artist’s creative language. Each YACINE Partner believes that there is a unique product to complement your lifestyle.

100% Handmade

Hand-sewed. Hand-carved. Hand-made. From a community of families, artists, artisans, and storytellers, to you. Art displaying history, passion, stories, struggle, peace, originality, and more. By being in control, the artist is truly able to capture their heartfelt emotion at the time of the item's creation. 

100% Handmade reflects lifestyle and resource availability. Furthermore, the products become:

  • Cultural Goods. Products that display rich traditions and culture.
  • Organic Decor. Products that are one with nature and above all--timeless.

Together with our YACINE Partners, we are committed to keeping these two attributes as essential factors for defining YACINE's identity. 


Core Values:

Embrace Collaboration | Create Stories | Provide Opportunities | Improve Communities